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Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

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Ever forget to feed your furry friend on time? 
A consistent eating schedule is very important for animals around your house! never worry about not feeding them on time with the Smart Automatic Pet Feeder! It also comes with an infrared sensor that fills the bowl to the appropriate amount!

 Time and Portion Programmable 
    ✅ Infrared Detection 
    ✅ Voice Recorder
    ✅ Easy and Convenient To Use
    ✅ Keeps Food Fresh
    ✅ Crafted With High Quality and Durable Materials 


  • When you press the power button to shut down, the time on the screen flashes for ten seconds and disappears.
  • ON/OFF: Power Button-turn on and off timing display.
  • SET: Toggle Button-Switch between hours and minutes.
  • HOUR(+): Increment Button: Increase the time parameter and spare.
  • NIN(-): Decrease Button: Reduce the time parameter.

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